If you're about to open an apple orchard that members of the public can visit to buy apples, pick their own, and enjoy other activities around the property, your signage will be something that can help to make people aware of your presence. Perhaps more important than any other sign will be the large sign that features the name of your orchard and appears at the edge of your property so that it's visible from the road. Find a local custom sign company to begin discussing plans for this sign. Here are some ideas that you may want to incorporate.

Apple Shape

Signs that are shaped in a unique manner can attract more attention than conventional rectangular signs. For an apple orchard, the best shape option will be an apple shape. This is a shape that is instantly recognizable; people who see the sign from a distance will likely know that they're approaching an orchard before they can even read the wording on the sign. While apples appear in different colors, it's ideal to choose red for your sign because this is the color that most people associate with apples. You can choose between a glossy red or a matte one, each offering its own stylistic advantages.

Business Information

In addition to having the usual things on your sign — including the name of your orchard, your contact information, and your street address — you'll want the design to include some helpful details about the nature of your business. For example, it's useful to specify that people can buy apples that have already been picked as well as pick their own. In addition to providing this important detail, you may want to list what other attractions you have — for example, tractor rides, a petting zoo, and more.

Apple Types

Your primary business sign is also a good place to list what types of apples you grow. Some orchards grow a few different varieties, and having this information on your sign can be appealing to members of the public who are particularly interested in a specific variety. Display the names of the types as large as you're able to fit on the sign, as people will want to scan the list as they approach in their vehicles. One option is to list the varieties in order from most popular to least popular, as people will typically look at the top of the list first and will see varieties they recognize.