You could be looking for a new executive office space for rent for a multitude of reasons. Perhaps your old lease has expired or maybe your business is experiencing exponential growth and your current office space cannot accommodate the evolving needs of your company. You could be looking for a new office space simply because you want a drastic change from your current surroundings. Whatever the case, whittling down the options available to you can be challenging if you do not know what to look for. To make sure this process is not more stressful than it needs to be, check out these fundamental priorities to have when you are in the market for an executive office space for rent.

What type of office space will be relevant for your specific operations?

Executive office suites for rent are considered luxury office spaces for multiple reasons. In addition to being fully furnished, the fact that these suites are part of a larger commercial space and, as such, your business is near other professionals, provides your company with the chance to network and, potentially, grow your operations. However, simply because you have the opportunity to choose multiple executive office spaces in the same building does not mean that this will be the right solution for your company at the outset.

Certainly, there is nothing wrong with future-proofing your business, but to keep your operational costs manageable, you must prioritize your current needs. For instance, if you have a small team of staff members, opting for an executive office space that has an open layout that can facilitate collaboration would be a better solution than one with multiple, separate offices. Alternatively, if your main motivator for moving to an executive office space for rent was to get the chance to host clients and investors, you should look for a space that comes with not only multiple meeting rooms but also a boardroom.

Does the executive office space simplify commuting for you and your staff?

Although you and your staff will be commuting to the new executive office space that you choose, not many business owners consider whether the property and location that they have chosen will be conducive for non-remote work. Failure to take this into account will not only harm productivity but will also decrease employee morale, especially if they are spending hours in traffic. With that said, it is indispensable to prioritize accessibility when choosing an executive office space.

Try your best to select a location that can be accessed by bus routes, train routes, and more, as this gives your employees a selection of modes of transportation at their disposal. Secondly, enquire about parking beforehand. Not only should the parking be adequate for every employee that could choose to drive to work, but it should be toll-free or parking fees should be greatly subsidized.