If you have one or more cats in your home, you will definitely need to keep them in mind during your upcoming move. Even though a local move with cats probably isn't going to be as hard as a long-distance move with pets, you will probably want to follow the tips below.

Hire Movers

First of all, it's almost always a good idea to hire movers when you're moving, even if you aren't moving very far away. Plus, if you have to worry about taking care of your cats during your move, you'll probably find that it's even easier if you have the help of a moving service.

Put Your Cats Away

Your cats could get frightened while the movers are working in your home and might try to run out of an open door. Additionally, you would have to worry about your cats getting underfoot while the movers are working, which could be dangerous and annoying for everyone who is involved. Because of this, you may want to confine your cats to one room or take them to a boarding facility for the day while everything is being packed and moved.

Get a Cat Area Set Up as Soon as Possible

When you are taking on a long-distance move, you might not really have the chance to visit your new home before your actual move-in date so that you can get simple things set up. If you are in the middle of a local move, however, it's not a bad idea to take some of your cats' favorite toys, beds, and scratching posts to your new home before you move your cats. Then, you can set up a nice cat area before your cats ever arrive. This should make the process of getting them settled into your home a little bit easier, and it gives you a little bit of time to get everything set up just right. This might be a good time to set up a few favorite toys for your kids and a few other items that can help your entire family settle in a bit more quickly and easily, too.

Transport Your Cats Yourself

You will probably want to transport your cats in your own vehicle instead of asking the moving service to do it. This might make you and your cats feel more comfortable and should save you a little bit of money. It will also probably be fairly easy for you to do if you aren't moving too far away. Just make sure that you put your cats in carriers for the journey; even if it's a short journey, it could be dangerous to transport your cats without putting them in carriers for the ride.

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