Enclosed truck bodies often do not provide the flexibility you'll need to transport everything you need to transport. For this reason, you may want to instead turn to a custom truck flatbed. But there are several types you can choose from based on the characteristics you might want.

The Strength of the Flatbed

A flatbed will usually be classified as light-duty, medium-duty, or heavy-duty. You will want to consider how light you will want your flatbed to be while also considering whether the flatbed will be subjected to abuse. Most flatbeds are made from steel because of its durability while also being more affordable. However aluminum is also becoming more popular due to how lightweight it is.

The strength of the bulkhead is also important because this is the part of the flatbed that will protect the cab from the flatbed. They also come in various shapes. 

The Size of the Flatbed

Larger flatbeds can more easily carry larger objects. However, a large flatbed also tends to be able to carry more weight. The larger flatbed will also need a stronger chassis to be able to support the weight of the flatbed.

The Flooring

You might assume that the flatbed floor will be made out of steel, but many owners of flatbeds choose wood floors because they are more lightweight and affordable. In addition to metal and wood, there are also synthetic flooring options. 

The Ramp

To move items onto your flatbed, it's important to choose the right ramp. Oftentimes, the ramps are made out of aluminum and have adjustable pivot points so that they are easy to handle. However, you might want a ramp that is made out of more durable materials. You may also need a ladder or steps so you can easily get into and out of your flatbed.

A Durable Toolbox and Cab Rack

You'll likely carry around tools that can be used to perform maintenance on your truck and will need a convenient place to store them. For example, you will need straps and tarps. Aluminum is often chosen for toolboxes because it is durable and also able to resist corrosion. 

Another way to store important equipment is with a cab rack. This can be used to store chains, binders, bungee cords, bins, and tarps. The cab racks are made using high-quality alloys so they do not become damaged as quickly and need to be replaced.