If you own a 1911 handgun, then you likely purchased it with the standard factory stock options. These options are usually updated and will suit your needs regardless of the caliber or use of the firearm. You may find that you want to make some DIY gun upgrades for your 1911. Here are a few of the upgrades that you should consider. Many of these upgrades do not violate federal law and just enhance the factory options on your firearm.

Gun Grips

Standard factory stock grips can be ideal for a 1911 that will serve as a home security backup. However, as you begin to take your 1911 to the range and fire it more often, you may find that the grips do not work as well for your needs. They may not be as comfortable, be the color you want, or have the design you would like. You can order grips from various sites online and install them yourself. Most grips use a standard screwdriver as a tool to remove the grips and to secure the new ones in place. You can buy grips in a variety of colors, materials, or you can order custom designs on grips if you prefer. This particular upgrade is a full DIY project and can take you less than an hour.

Extended Slide Releases

A problem that many people have with their 1911 and other handguns is with the release. You may find that you were unable to hit the slide lock easily. This can cause several issues with your aim and with issues for reloading. You can solve this issue by replacing the current slide release with an extended slide release.


Your 1911 likely came with factory stock sights. These sights may have several issues for you as the handgun owner and user. For example, you may find that the sights are too dull and are difficult to see. You may find that these sights are too high. You may also find other issues with the sights based on your preferences. You can replace the sights fairly easily with night sights that allow you to see the sights during nighttime hours. This is ideal for self self-defense use. You may also want to go with V sights, which place the site mark in the middle of the sighting area. You may also choose a fiber-optic sight that gives you ideal sighting during daylight hours.

These gun DIY upgrades for your 1911 can be purchased at many local gun stores as well as online through done accessory dealers. You will need to ensure that the items that you purchase for your  DIY upgrade are suitable for your particular make and model of gun. Keep in mind that if you would like to keep the same manufacturer brand upgrades, you will need to look for suppliers of that brand to ensure matching parts.