While revisiting your business's software, you may have decided that it is time to upgrade resources and planning processes with a new enterprise resource planning, or ERP, system. However, as you begin to look at your various options, you may be lost on how to begin the search. If so, use the tips below to help you begin your decision-making process when choosing a new ERP system for your business.

1.  Find Out What Components of Your Current System Are Compatible

One thing you should look at when trying to decide on a new resource planning system for your company is the compatibility of your current software components. If you want to keep certain parts of your current system, such as software connections with vendors or your company-wide messaging service, make note of those before you begin your search.

While looking at new systems, find out what components each one can merge with. Depending on your current software, you may not be able to fully keep everything you desire, so you should look for the ones that are vital to your business.

Even if you do not find an ERP system that is not compatible with all of your current components, you may be able to find better alternatives. Speaking with a managed service can help you decipher the various options that will be ideal for your company

2.  Decide Whether the System Should Be Hosted on Your Server or Through a Third Party

Another thing you should think about when choosing a new ERP system has to do with hosting. You have the option of installing your own server to have the system hosted at your own site, or you can look into third-party or cloud hosting.

If you have technicians onsite that can keep the system running without disrupting your business, you may want to consider having the server at your company. However, if you do not have the manpower or the resources onsite, a third-party server may be a better option.

Along with finding out the compatibility of your current software and deciding on the hosting for the new system, you should also look to see how much manpower and resources you have to devote to the new system. If you think you may prefer to have someone else keep up with the maintenance and operation of the system, contact an ERP system managed service to find out how they can help you streamline your business.