Transmission towers are a common feature of the modern electrical grid. However, these large towers can be something of an eyesore for many communities and neighborhoods. Transmission tower painting can be an effective way of reducing the negative aesthetics of these towers.

Is The Utility Company Always Responsible For Painting The Transmission Towers And Power Poles?

It is commonly thought that all power poles and transmission towers will be the responsibility of the utility company to maintain. However, these responsibilities can be somewhat varied. For example, the utility company will typically only be responsible for ensuring that these towers are kept in a safe condition, which will not cover painting the towers for cosmetic purposes. Additionally, private towers will not be the responsibility of the power company to maintain or alter. Understanding these limitations can make it easier for you to know whether it will be necessary for you to take painting these towers into your own hands.

What Should You Consider When Choosing A Color For The Transmission Tower's New Paint?

For individuals that are wanting to make the transmission tower as discreet as possible, it will be necessary to paint the tower the same or a similar color as the rest of the landscape. Additionally, it can be possible to opt for a pattern or other design that will further minimize the visibility of the tower when it is being viewed from a distance. Choosing a paint that will avoid reflecting light can be another key factor in getting discreet results from painting the tower, as this will eliminate the shine that can often give away these artificial structures against a backdrop of trees.

Will The Paint Be A Permanent Change To The Transmission Tower?

As with other types of outdoor paint, the coating that is applied to the exterior of the transmission tower will eventually break down as a result of being exposed to the elements. This will result in the paint starting to lose its color or peeling away from the surface of the tower. While the transmission tower will eventually need to have another coat of paint applied to it, these coatings are designed to be able to withstand these unique conditions for many years. As a result, you will not need to expect to have the tower painted again in the near future. For this reason, considerable thought should go into choosing the color for the tower's paint as it will be in place for a long time once it is applied.