Do you have a stationary enthusiast in your life? If someone you care about loves specialty papers, nice pens, paper flags, and other pretty-office supplies, then you probably do. They may describe themselves as a "planner addict," or perhaps they spend a lot of time creating artistic journals and personal books. Regardless, picking out a gift for a stationary enthusiast can seem complicated for those not immersed in the hobby. The following guide can help you find something they will love.

A quality pen

Most stationary enthusiast love a good pen, but keep in mind a good pen goes beyond the external appearance. While a handcrafted turned wood pen can be beautiful, it can also be useless if the ink and doesn't flow smoothly. When choosing a pen for a stationary enthusiast, first decide whether you want a fountain pen, a gel pen, or a standard roller ball pen. Fountain pens are good for artist and those that like to practice handwriting, such as calligraphy. Gel pens tend to write smoothly and are favored by both artists and writers, whereas the traditional roller ball pen is generally for those that prefer a smooth writing but utilitarian pen that isn't typically used for artistic purposes.

A blank journal

Many stationary lovers can't turn down a nice journal or blank book. When shopping for a gift, consider quality and usability. Books that can lay flat without the pages creasing or popping from the binding are preferred. For left-handed recipients, avoid anything spiral bound as the spiral tends to impede writing. The paper should have a bit of texture to it, but it shouldn't be too rough. Many stationary shops will have samples you can write in. Take advantage of this to test the paper to make sure ink doesn't bleed through or causes ghosting on the back of the page. Extras like ribbon bookmarks, pen loops, and book closures can all make for a nicer gift, as well.

A subscription box

Of course, if the idea of finding just the right item seems overwhelming, then there are other options. A monogrammed stationary subscription box can be just the thing. The gift carries just the right amount of personalization because of the monograms that will appear on some items in the box, such as paper, pens, and journals. Your loved one will also receive a new box monthly, which will contain new products to play with. Common items in these boxes, beyond the obvious pens and paper, include washi tape, clips and fasteners, notecards, and stickers.

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