Medical-related services are only growing in customers and potential profits. But if you don't have medical training yourself, can you still get into this hot business opportunity? You can! Here are five businesses you can start even if you don't have medical skills yourself.

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

Patients and seniors often need transportation when it doesn't involve an emergency. If a person cannot drive or needs specialized medical equipment during transport to and from doctor's appointments or the like, a non-emergency medical transportation service provides life-saving assistance. Your primary startup costs will include fleet vehicles and training in good techniques. Contact local companies that can help you start a medical transportation company.

Fitness Center

Fitness centers aren't all about high-pressure gyms where young and buff people work out after their jobs. Seniors and those who have physical limitations value fitness centers that cater to their particular needs. You can also partner with wellness providers, including physical therapists, counselors, and rehab programs, to develop targeted programs and classes. You can also provide services to the general public. 

Health Fair

Would you prefer to organize medical-related events? Health fairs work with partners—both corporate partners and nonprofit organizations—to bring health and wellness education to where the people are. This business has less overhead than some others, and it's perfect for those who enjoy travel and working with large amounts of people. 

Non-Medical Home Care

If you like the idea of helping people stay in their homes and recover from health crises, you don't have to provide actual medical care to be an in-home provider. Seniors benefit from daily money managers, who help a person maintain their finances and do transactions, as well as persons who provide simple senior companionship. You can also become certified to help patients with non-medical activities like showering or making their homes safer. 

Medical Supplies

Do you prefer the retail environment? Then get into the game by starting a medical supply company. You could specialize in particular types of durable or ongoing supplies—like sleep apnea products or orthopedic supplies—or provide a large variety of items to meet people's needs. You'll be able to help customers be safe, healthy, and happy—and you don't need a medical degree to do so!

No matter whether you prefer a stationary retail environment or a business where you are out in the field, you can find the right match within the medical industry. And then you can share in the profits while starting a business you can enjoy.