Despite the spread of digital advertising, most parts of the country still rely heavily on brochures for local advertising. But in order for brochures to remain relevant today, it is important to keep them up to date. Businesses lose so much customer traffic each year due to outdated advertising that can be easily corrected with an up-to-date reprint. You may think that you're saving money by holding out on a reprint. This can be a grave mistake for your business if it makes it impossible for a customer to find your location or contact you with a question. Here are a few examples of signs that it's time for you to update your brochures.

Address Change

Have you moved the site of your business or added new locations since the last printing of brochures? Customers can't be expected to search online for a new address after finding a brochure with the old information printed on it. You can lose business rapidly when people cannot find where you are located. You don't want people showing up at your old place of business and getting frustrated. These potential customers will just find a store or business that keeps their advertising materials updated and take their money elsewhere.

Hours Change

If you change your hours, how are new customers supposed to know? Business owners that fail to change their brochure to reflect the correct day and hours that they are open experience a considerable drop in business. A customer that shows up when you're supposed to be open to find a closed store will not return during your new hours after that kind of experience. You can usually get by with the same brochures if you expand your hours and don't cut them, but any reduction in the usual hours should be updated on all brochures immediately.

Logo Change

Changing your logo means changing the face of your business. You don't want to have brochures circulating that feature outdated imagery that no longer matches your brand. It can be confusing to customers, especially if there was any change to the company's name as well. They may think they are at the wrong place of business and find someone else with a more cohesive branding package.

Style Change

The design field changes rapidly as technology develops, and you want your advertising to be on the cutting edge along with it. You don't want your brochures to look visibly dated with old-fashioned color schemes or low quality printing. You want the fonts and layouts that are trending today, not five years ago. Don't keep reprinting the same old design when the look of your brochures deserves an update too.

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