Many people supplement their income by seeking temporary work at certain times of the year. Whether you currently work on a part-time basis and you're looking for a little more money, or you work full time but could devote some evenings and weekends to other tasks, temporary work might suit you. The arrival of winter commonly presents you with several options around the community. The work may last a couple weeks to several months, depending on its nature, and can be suitable for people with a wide range of different skills and experiences. Here is some wintertime temp work that you may be able to find.

Snow Removal

You may have some success getting temp work clearing snow from peoples' driveways and walkways. Landscaping services and other companies often focus on snow removal during the winter months and may need people to fill their ranks as the demand for this service increases. While you might not have experience driving a tractor fitted with a snowblower, you could likely find a position clearing snow with a shovel. This type of work is common in a variety of residential applications and can be a good position for someone who enjoys working outside.

Package Sorting

Your local post office and the central mail processing center face an increase in the volume of mail that they sort around the holidays, which means that they'll sometimes hire temporary help. There are different positions that you might get, often focused on handling mail in a warehouse. It might be something as simple as loading bins of mail onto trucks as they arrive, or it could be sorting envelopes and packages in advance of delivery. This is a fast-paced job that has a repetitive nature, but that's something that some people favor when working. It can also give you the satisfaction of knowing that you're helping people get their mail on time.

Other Positions

If you sign up with a staffing agency that specializes in temp work, you may have a chance to work for short periods of time in a variety of different fields. Many industries have a need for temp work over the winter. For example, some people may take extended vacations during this time, while others may take time off over the holidays. This can leave some companies short on staff, which is when they'll turn to a staffing agency to get some temp workers.