If you're opening a nail salon, you may have already invested money into getting most of the nail supplies, including the artificial nails, acrylic, gel products, polishes, and nail drying machines. However, you may still need to get a few essential items for the business. There are two important items you shouldn't forget to invest in before you open and officially start bringing clients into the salon.

The Receptionist Desk

Give your salon a professional look and feel by purchasing a receptionist desk and placing it in the front of the building by the entry doors. There are plenty of women and even men who may come into your nail salon, so you'll want to be able to keep track of them and the services they'd like to have done. If you have someone sitting at the desk, they could greet the clients and have them sign their names down in a book with a list of the services they need, such as a full set, manicure, pedicure, or even waxing.

Because the receptionist desk is one of the first things the clients will see when they walk into your nail salon, you'll need to choose the desk wisely. If you're tight on space, there are compact receptionist desks available with plenty of storage drawers for your convenience. Start by selecting a desk color based on what will match with the interior design of your salon. Once you know the color of the desk you'd like to have, choose from various styles, including u-shaped, l-shaped, and oval desks.

The Credit Card Reader

Offer convenient ways for clients to pay for their services. Some people don't feel comfortable carrying cash around with them. They'd much rather pay for the services using a debit or credit card, but if your business isn't accepting those cards, they may decide to go to a different salon to avoid such a hassle. You'll need to do some research on mobile credit solutions and choose a payment processor that will allow you to accept payments via credit or debit. If you're accepting these kinds of payments, you'll get to swipe cards using a credit card reader to complete the transaction.

There are some items you shouldn't forget to invest in before you open your nail salon business. It's good to have a receptionist desk at the front of the building so that someone can greet clients and get them to sign a booklet with a list of the services they're in need of. It's just as important to work with a payment processor and have a credit card reader available so that you can accept all kinds of payments instead of running a cash-only business.