Many business owners are beginning to offer employee awards, such as from Trophy Awards. The awards allow owners of businesses to show gratitude, appreciation, and respect to those who are putting in the long hours at the workplace, trying to do their best, and ultimately helping the business succeed in one way or another. If you're thinking about offering awards to your own employees, there are several ways to set things up.

Put an Award System in Place

Start by putting an award system in place. The best way to do this is to write down a list of reasons you'd offer awards in the first place and then decide what you'd offer to employees who meet the criteria to receive such an award. For example, you may want to reward new employees for reaching certain milestones, such as making a set number of sales within a given period. The reward you offer to those newer employees may be something small yet thoughtful, such as gift card to a local coffee shop or department store. You could offer even better rewards to the employees who surpass goals and excel.

Based the Rewards on Both Actions and Effort

Consider basing rewards on both the actions and effort put forth by each employee. You may have an employee who's making decent sales, but he or she could have an extremely negative attitude. It's never a good idea to reward bad behavior. It sets an example that it's perfectly acceptable for employees to act any way they want to while working if they're making enough sales, which is the kind of example you shouldn't want to set. Rather than basing rewards solely on the effort of each individual, make sure his or her actions in the office are acceptable. Employees should be rewarded for being considerate, helpful, and hardworking.

Recognize Those With the Potential to Receive Rewards in the Near Future

If you're planning to hold an awards ceremony each month where certain employees receive different rewards for what they've done in the previous month, make sure you're giving other employees a bit of recognition, too. Although some employees may not receive any specific reward because they didn't reach certain goals, recognizing them for their effort and determination during the ceremony is a great way to encourage them. They'll appreciate the recognition and will likely try harder to reach their monthly goals.

If you're going to start offering employee awards, consider putting a system in place so the employees know what they need to do to potentially earn some neat stuff. Make sure you're selecting candidates based on their actions and the effort they put into their work. Most importantly, don't forget to mention those who have the potential to succeed, even if they didn't receive a reward. The system is a fantastic way for you to show how much you care about all of your employees.