There are a lot of obstacles to overcome when starting a new company. You need to find creative ways to create a brand and gain customers. You can do both through promotional products. If you're using such products for promotional efforts, consider the following strategies. 

Start with Your Team

Your first inclination when using promotional products may be to hand them out to the masses. Such a tactic may fall on deaf ears, though, because consumers didn't seek out your products on their own. A more effective tactic is to start branding within your own team.

Give the in-house staff branded clothes, custom rulers, coffee mugs, hats, and keychains. Then when your employees are out of the office running errands or at the movies, they are essentially marketing your company in a subtle, impactful manner. People won't feel like you're trying to sell them something, which makes them more receptive to looking into your company a bit more. 

Make a Connection

For consumers to buy into what you're trying to sell, there has to be a need. For example, promotional products should be targeted towards a specific event. If you're attending an educational conference where there are a lot of teachers, it only makes sense to hand out promotional rulers.

Not only does this help you spread the company's word, it gives teachers a practical tool they can use in the classroom. You've thus established a genuine, positive connection that could lead to more sales down the road. 

Or if you're sponsoring a marathon, you should hand out sports t-shirts and water bottles. Always take time to think about what the event entails, so you can choose the right products accordingly. 

Utilize a Logo

Logos are one of the most important marketing tools any business can use. They help establish a connection with consumers instantly. This is known as brand awareness. As your logo starts being seen by more and more consumers, your company grows. As such, you need to incorporate your company's logo on every promotional product you use. 

What makes a good logo, though? Ideally, the graphic should be simple and readable from a distance. Iconic images are effective at establishing a quick connection. Also think about short phrases that leave a lasting impression. Just make sure the logo is in sync with your company's vision. 

Promotional products, from custom rulers to keychains, are a godsend for companies looking to build their brand. Make sure your products send the right message by researching your target audience and seeing what there preferences are.