Since a new furnace can be quite expensive, it is not a purchase that you should make in haste. Taking your time and thinking things through will help ensure that the purchase and installation of a new furnace goes smoothly. Some of the important things to consider before buying a new furnace include:

Type of Fuel

When you begin looking at furnaces, you will notice that there are gas, oil, and electric-powered models available. In most cases, natural gas is the most affordable fuel source for a furnace. However, if your home does not currently have a natural gas line in place, it can be very expensive to have one installed.

A furnace that runs on heating oil can cost more to run, depending on the fluctuating price of oil. Oil-powered furnaces usually require a large above-ground or buried tank to store the oil, and this type of furnace does not produce heat as cleanly as a natural gas or electric furnace. However, an oil-powered furnace does not require being hooked up to any type of lines, which make them very convenient for homes that either don't have a natural gas line or are not in an area serviced by a gas company.

An electric furnace can efficiently warm up a house during the winter months. But, using an electrical furnace can drastically increase your heating bill, since it takes more energy to create heat from electricity. An electric furnace is a good option for homes without a natural gas line that don't have a large enough lot to store a tank for heating oil.

Correct Sizing

Many people do not realize that furnaces come in different sizes. The size of your home, along with the quality of insulation and the type of material that it is built with, will play a role in determining what size furnace you need. For best results, you should always have an HVAC profession inspect your home and tell you the correct size—doing so will help ensure that you don't end up with a unit that is too small and can't heat your home or a unit that is too large and costs more to operate.

Quality Installation

When you budget to buy a new furnace for your home, it is important to know that installation costs are typically always separate from the cost of the furnace itself. Installing a furnace is a very complicated project, and you should never try to do the installation on your own. Your best bet is to take your time researching local HVAC companies and hiring one that is licensed and highly experienced in furnace installation