Technology has changed everything about how people are treated in medical settings, and with psychology, it is no different. One of the biggest changes in psychology that the internet makes possible is the fact that patients can connect with you as a psychologist via online access. If your practice only offers the traditional meeting methods, it is definitely time to consider making some changes. Web therapy, sometimes referred to as telepsychology, offers a full list of advantages to you and your patients. Here is a look at three of the most important reasons to consider offering telepsychology services to your patients:

Telepsychology allows you to connect with people outside of your service area. 

The traditional way of treatment involves bringing patients into your office for face-to-face meetings. It is only feasible and logical for most patients to travel to you for an appointment if you are geographically located close to them. With telepsychology, this factor is eliminated from the treatment equation. Therefore, you can easily treat patients whether they are close by or whether they are across the country. Because of this, you will open up the parameters of your treatment area and attract many new patients. 

Telepsychology is convenient for you and your patients. 

With a quick login, you can connect with your patient via instant messaging, live video conferencing, or email. This means that you will be accessible to your patients much faster because they will not have to pick up a phone, make an appointment, or drive to your office just for a session. Likewise, if a patient needs to see you outside of your normal business hours, it is much faster to have a meeting via the internet instead of having to leave what you are doing to get back to the office. 

Telepsychology allows treatment with anonymity for your patients. 

While there are many individuals who will see a time n their life when they feel the need to seek therapy, not many of them will actually do so because they feel a little embarrassed that they need help or don't want others to know. With telepsychology, there is a certain sense of anonymity you can offer new patients. They won't have to be seen stopping in at your treatment office and in some situations with messaging and email communication, will not have to show their face to you or allow you to hear their voice. 

Contact a company that offers online tools for psychologists for more information and assistance.